Dear Friends of Abilis,

My road to Abilis began when, as parents, we set out to select a community based program able to provide lifelong support for our son with developmental disabilities. We wanted a solution that gave him the opportunity to become more independent, where he could develop areas of interest that would one day turn into a job and where he could develop a group of friends within a community that he could call home. We chose Abilis not only because the leadership understood what we wanted to achieve on behalf of our son but also because of its talented staff and their history of successfully supporting the hundreds of individuals and families who came before us. With the passage of time, I can confirm that our initial impressions have been validated and that our son is moving ever closer to achieving the community based goals that have been collectively set. 

I assumed the role as President/CEO of the Abilis organization after serving as a Board member and helping to develop the strategic plan that now guides the organization. The plan reaffirms our commitment to the high standards of excellence that have defined Abilis’ services for six decades. It goes a step further by committing to expand the services we offer beyond those funded by the state of Connecticut so we can meet the needs of more families and individuals who depend on Abilis for support throughout their life span.

As you will see in the program descriptions that follow, our Therapeutic Services begin at birth and include a range of therapies across diagnoses. While our therapeutic supports used to end at the age of three, we now offer a full range of therapeutic services for individuals of all ages. We also offer family supports to provide guidance on everyday questions, as well as a mentoring program to partner families with experienced parents who understand the challenges associated with specific disabilities and life transitions.

Our Life Services have also been expanded. We now offer a roster of social and recreational activities for kids, teens and adults every day of the week. Our transition services help high school graduates enter adulthood and prepare them for jobs either in the community or as an employee in one of the increasing number of businesses being developed by Abilis. Finally, in response to the growing demand for residential support, we offer housing solutions for families on a private basis in addition to state funded programs we provide.  

All that we do is in support of the individuals we serve who have the right to expect a future that is certain and where our support is unwavering. The expansion of our services beyond those funded by the state reflects our strategic imperative to diversify our sources of revenue in order to build a sustainable future for Abilis and the people we serve.

With Best Regards,

Dennis W. Perry
(203) 531-1880 x126
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