Board of Directors

Abilis Board of Directors 2017 - 2018


Chairperson - Alonso Martinez  
First Vice Chairperson - Jerry Cincotta  
Secretary - Ulrika Drinkall  
Treasurer - Michael Beloff  
Past Chairperson - Nancy Fogwell  
President/CEO - Dennis W. Perry  



Vincent Annunziata Laurel Asness
Theo Brown Dr. Karen Beckman
Wendy Browder Gretchen Bylow
Edith Chen Dr. Erik Cohen
Martin A. Clarke Icy Frantz
Linda Colucci Nisha Hurst
Kenneth Corba Dr. Arnold Korval
Debbie Hilibrand Alessandra Messineo Long
Jack Iovanna Sara Rawson
Anne Kampmann Andrew Schirmer
Neha Leih Fred & Lisa Trump
Howard Levy Governor Lowell Weicker
Margot Michalski Debby Weinberg
Catherine Polisi Jones Dudley Williams
Cesar Rabellino  
Eleanor Ritch  
Marco Viola  
Lisa Wise