Abilis Birth to Three Services

If you have any questions about your child’s development……

We are here and we are open!

The Birth to Three System is accepting referrals during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

Evaluations and visits can be completed successfully using remote Early Intervention, which consists of phone calls and video communications.
Since we are coaching you, it is essential that you are involved during the remote visit! There is no cost to your family for the evaluation or visits at this time, family cost participation fees have been waived.

If your child is going to turn age 3, your Birth to Three program will work with you and your school district to make a plan while schools are closed.

The Abilis Birth to Three program has trained, professional and experienced staff ready to respond to your concerns and support you during this pandemic.

So please don’t wait, we are here and ready to support you, we want you to stay home and stay well. To make a referral you may call 1-800-505-7000
For further information, please call Karen Feder, Director of Therapeutic Services, 203 324-1880 ext. 302 or mobile phone 203 561-3592

Abilis Birth to Three Services

For a child with a developmental disability or delay, early intervention makes all the difference.

Our Birth to Three early intervention programs help families address the diverse developmental and health-related needs of their infants and toddlers. Abilis pairs children and families with appropriate teachers and therapists to deliver an individualized therapy program based on identified goals and objectives.

In the State of Connecticut, Abilis is one of 11 Birth to Three service providers who have an autism designation, allowing us to provide diagnostic and intensive services to children with an autism diagnosis. Our teachers and therapists coach and provide support to families in natural learning environments, such as the home or day care.

The State of Connecticut Child Development Hotline (800.505.7000) is your entry point into the Birth to Three program. If you specifically request Abilis, you will be directed to us and our team. Abilis will then arrange for a visit with you and your child. During the visit, Abilis will discuss your concerns and evaluate your child to determine program eligibility. If your child qualifies for our Birth to Three program, Abilis will work with you to create an individualized service plan to address your child’s cognitive, communication, physical, sensory, and behavioral needs. Abilis will identify the right teachers and therapists to deliver the plan both in your home and in community settings that are important to you.

If your child does not qualify for state-funded services, Abilis offers private therapy services and will help guide you to the best educational and therapeutic resources available to meet your child’s needs.