The Abilis Individual Life Plan (ILP) is our signature service, designed to provide families with a road map for the future. It offers a customized plan to address the long-term goals of individuals with special needs that are developed in full partnership with the family. After completing a comprehensive assessment, the ILP team works with your family to set long-term goals. Then, in partnership with you, we provide guidance on the legal and financial components that are needed to be in place to accomplish those goals. The Individual Life Plan process culminates in a REACH plan (Residential, Education, Employment, Activity, Community, and Health) that outlines how near and long-term goals set by the family can be achieved over time. The ILP plan involves a 12 to 20-hour time commitment on the part of the client and family collectively over a four month period and includes meetings with the Abilis ILP team consisting of therapists, life coaches, and experts in financial and legal planning who together help build the Individual Life Plan.