Abilis supports individuals with disabilities throughout their adult lives. Our goal is to enhance each person’s quality of life through social activities, meaningful employment, and high quality residential services. Our Life Services programs include health and wellness care delivered by certified professionals.


Abilis offers a wide range of community-based activities that provide social and recreational opportunities for people of all ages with disabilities. These programs allow people to feel a sense of belonging and to make new friends through shared interests and experiences.  


Change is challenging for all of us. Our LEAP and Project SEARCH programs are specifically designed to help young adults with disabilities transition seamlessly from high school into adulthood, along with securing employment.


We provide a meaningful day program, full of activities and skill development for individuals requiring additional care and supports. Indoor and outdoor physical fitness programs are offered throughout the day, ensuring proper health and physical wellness.


Aging can be difficult and can sometimes limit social opportunities and prevent people from feeling like they are part of the community. The Abilis Retirement Program offers a safe and compassionate program, which includes community based activities and experiences for individuals throughout the year. BUSINESSES Abilis operates numerous businesses – Abilis Gardens & Gifts, Café, Landscaping, and Shredding among them – designed to help individuals cultivate their skills and participate in meaningful employment with Abilis prior to becoming competitively employed.


Based on evaluations of skills and interests, Abilis creates customized career plans for individuals who are interested in and capable of being competitively employed in the community. Abilis provides job training, placement, and ongoing coaching to help participants maintain and advance in fields ranging from retail to child care to food service and beyond at a wide range of local businesses.


Abilis offers a wide range of housing options licensed by the Department of Developmental Services, Department of Public Health, and other creative private housing models – which enables us to tailor supports to the needs of each adult we serve. Service levels vary from 24-hour staff supervision to flexible care on an hourly basis to enable clients to achieve their goals and objectives with a maximum degree of independence.


Our goal is to help people secure community based jobs. Abilis runs multiple businesses designed to help people cultivate their skills and participate in meaningful employment within Abilis.