Abilis offers a wide range of residential options that are all licensed by the Department of Developmental Services. These options include: Intermediate Care Facilities, Community Living Arrangements, Continuous Residential Supports, and Supported Living Arrangements. For adults who do not qualify for funding, Abilis works with families to create customized private pay alternatives in addition to these more standard options.

This menu of residential choices allows Abilis to tailor supports to the needs of each adult we serve. Service levels vary from 24-hour staff supervision with a high degree of attention to flexible care on an hourly basis to enable clients to achieve their goals and objectives with the maximum degree of independence.

For each residential situation, Abilis works hard to pair individuals with suitable living companions based on shared interests and goals. This way they not only enjoy life at home, but benefit from shared experiences in the community as well.

Finally, all Abilis Residential Services clients have access to our Health and Wellness Team. This diverse team includes Registered Nurses, Behavior Analysts, Nutritionists, and a range of skilled therapists.