The Therapy Center at Abilis Opens in Stamford | Patch

The facility offers a variety of services to local clients with disabilities and their families.

Stamford, CT

By Barbara Heins (Patch Staff)
Keelin Daly Photo/Contributed

Abilis has opened a state-of-the-art therapy facility in Stamford where experts are teaming together to create a cohesive approach to evidence-based, personalized therapy. 

The Therapy Center at Abilis — located at 1150 Summer St. — offers a range of therapeutic services for individuals of all ages to address communication, social, sensory, physical and cognitive challenges, as well as behavioral issues that negatively impact family dynamics and community inclusion.

There was a formal ribbon cutting ceremony with Abilis President and CEO Dennis Perry and Mayor David Martin on Feb. 1.

The therapists assess the needs of each individual and work collaboratively with families, caregivers, educators, and allied professionals across settings to create personalized plans with specific goals and objectives. This collaboration offers a holistic approach to individual care. Together, they develop comprehensive evaluations, dynamic diagnostic services, and treatments for people of all ages, in the clinic, at home, or in the community.

Abilis therapists tailor plans to the specific needs of the individuals they serve across their lifespan. Abilis also provides families with information on a range of topics including community resources, educational options, financial planning, medical professionals, and legal advisors. We also offer a mentoring system that links families, so they can share experiences and advice. Among the services offered are While not an exhaustive list, our therapeutic services include academic support, transition skills, tutoring, physical and occupational therapies, speech/language therapy, applied behavior analysis and support and autism-specific interventions.

Abilis has been a pioneer in providing support programs for people with disabilities for 65 years. Their services cover the lifespan and include employment services, residential services and life transitions.