Abilis Transition Services help individuals at major life turning points, such as the transition from high school to adulthood and later as these adults age and become senior citizens.

Abilis offers a Life Skills program for young adults to provide a seamless transition from high school to adulthood. Our Life Skills program is based in central Greenwich, so that participants have convenient access to both vocational and recreational activities. Each person in the Life Skills program has an individualized plan that includes vocational, social, recreational, and adaptive living goals and objectives. Abilis works with each individual to develop skills and explore careers that best suit their interests, which in turn guides the employment process.

While the Life Skills program supports the transition to adulthood, including employment and independent living, Abilis also works with adults who age out of the workforce. Abilis offers a wide range of daily activities suitable for retired seniors to maintain meaningful community and social connections. These services have become increasingly important as the health of our population improves and their life expectancies increase.