Reporter Taylor Knight is spending the day with Andre and Graham. With the help of Abilis, Graham has a job filling vending machines.

Graham Moore is diagnosed with Andermann’s Syndrome and autism, and has been working with Abilis for 5 years.

“The dynamics of our relationship range from everything from day to day care, laughing and joking. I help him accomplish a normal thing that you and I can do. He accomplishes it with just a helping hand,” said Andre McCray.


With the help of his job coach Andre McCray, Graham stocks one vending machine located at Abilis in Glenville, and another at a gym in Stamford.

“The beginning of the day, we check the vending machine we have here and check the supplies we need,” said McCray.

After we check the vending machine, we head to the storage room to see what we already have in stock.

“Everything we buy and stock is hopefully the wants and needs of our consumers,” said McCray.

Then it’s off to Restaurant Depot in Port Chester to stock up on other snacks and drinks.

Now we take the van to BreakThru Family Fit For Life where the second vending machine is housed. The money earned from the machines goes directly to Abilis programs. Now that both machines are full, it’s day’s end for us.

McCray says this job has boosted Graham’s confidence and has helped him reach his goals.

“They are no longer looked upon as people that we serve, but as people that we are buddies with,” said McCray.