by Taylor Knight

Coming up on October 18 is the 10th annual Walk for Abilis at Greenwich Point.

“The walk is very important for everybody,” said Amie Slade.


Funds raised at this walk go towards Abilis programs. Abilis is a non-profit committed to serving those with developmental disabilities throughout their whole lifetimes. Amie Slade has learned greenhouse skills at Abilis.

“I practice at the greenhouse because they give me more knowledge and independence,” said Slade.

With everything she has learned, she was able to get a job at Bow and Rose Floral. Slade is a great example of an Abilis success story, so she was named the Ambassador of the upcoming walk.

“I like being on a team,” said Slade.

But the walk is not the only event coming up- Abilis is also holding a job fair this Thursday, October 15 from 8:00 to 8:00.