Abilis Services Fair - GreenwichTime

Abilis, a nonprofit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities in the Stamford/Greenwich area, will host an open house services fair from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. January 12, at the Abilis office at 50 Glenville Street in Greenwich.


The fair will allow the public to meet Abilis professionals and learn about the services they provide. There will be two roundtable discussions throughout the day. The first, at noon, will focus on executive functioning for parents, while the 4 p.m. session will discuss calculating the educational benefit of individualized educational programs for children with disabilities.

Prizes will be available throughout the day, including a gift certificate to Abilis Gifts, a free consultation at the Therapy Center by Abilis, a free IEP review with a family resources expert and free passes to a social/recreational outing with Abilis.