Florist and gift shop create special gifts for February 

By: Taylor Knight - Greenwich, CT | Added on February 10, 2015 At 10:00 PM

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. A study conducted by ProFlowers reports that 64 percent of men will buy their sweetheart flowers to celebrate Feb. 14.

One local florist is busy trying to fill all those orders.
"For the whole holiday, we will do well over 1,000 orders," said James McArdle of McArdle's Florists.
The most popular flower for Valentine's Day- the red rose of course.
"It's traditional, it's classic. It conveys romance like nothing else. Can't beat that," said McArdle.
But flowers aren't the only way to add romance on Valentine's Day. There are other great gifts around Town that will put some love in anyone's heart.
"We are selling hearts, jewelry, mugs, and candy," said Susie Figgie, an employee at the Abilis gift shop.
These gifts are handmade by members of the Abilis community and sold in the retail shop. This process teaches members valuable life skills.
"I do washcloths, and make glasses cases," said Barbara Constandaki, an employee.
"We make the soap, create the packaging, do all the wrapping and labeling, and the girls keep the inventory," said Cindy Yocum, the program coordinator.
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