By: Taylor Knight - Greenwich, CT | Added on January 22, 2015 At 01:40 PM

"We grow arugula, kale, spicy salad mix, broccoli, beets," said Jack Iovanna.
All grown fresh by the Abilis community, and all can be delivered weekly right to your front door.
"I wanted to get into people's homes. I saw it as a way to make more individual connections, connecting the greenhouse to people in the community," said program coordinator Chris Hadin

They seed on Mondays and Fridays, and harvest on Tuesdays and Thursdays, collecting 3 to 4 pounds of micro-greens every week.
"If we do that every week, then the week repeats. Consistency and reliability is a major thing for the people we serve," said Hadin.
The plants are then delivered to homes and local restaurants.
"It's very good for your salad, it's good to deliver to restaurants," said Amie Slade.
Micro-greens are smaller versions of popular veggies.
"They are really good and very healthy," said Alexandra Woodruff.
"They taste good, they are healthy, nutritious, and have vitamins," said Iovanna.
Customers get a choice of a spicy or mild micro-green mix to be delivered the same day it's harvested. Abilis says this supports local Farm-to-Table horticulture, and provides meaningful employment for adults with disabilities. For more information on the program, call Chris Hadin at (203) 531-1880.

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