Eight couples from the Greenwich-based agency for people with disabilities were guests at a Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom dance.

By Barbara Heins (Patch Staff) February 21, 2015 at 1:47pm

Last weekend’s Valentine’s Day celebrations included a Sweetheart Ball hosted by Christine Georgopulo, the owner of the Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom in Greenwich.

Georgopulo offered to host the ball for eight couples from Abilis, the Greenwich agency that serves people with disabilities.

 “It came about as a result of a conversation with Chris, who offered to host a ball after I told her we have a lot of couples who share her passion for music and dancing,” according to Keelin Daly, an Abilis spokesman. “That she offered to host on Valentine’s Day was amazing and it also turned out to be her birthday, which underlines how sweet she is and how dedicated to inclusion,” Daly added.

During the week leading up to the Sweetheart Ball, the discussions at Abilis focused on outfits and how to incorporate the traditional color of red for Valentine’s Day.

When the couple’s arrived at the dance studio on Lewis Street, the festivities kicked off with the Twist and moved into merengue with dance instructors Erik Anderson and Moises Guerrero demonstrating their fancy footwork.

“This is the first of many balls. This is just incredible. We will definitely do this again and often,” Georgopulo said.

Before they left, Aimee Slade and her partner Ross Perry presented Georgopulo with a combination birthday and Valentine’s Day gift bag filled with goodies from the Abilis Gifts Shop.

“This is the best birthday possible. Abilis is a great organization that tends to go below radar but they do incredible work in the community. It’s just a pleasure to share this space and to celebrate together.”

As he danced his way out the door into the snow flurries, Lester Feldman said he is looking forward to more dances. “Did you see my moves? I can really dance. That was a blast, I can’t wait to be back.”

Contributed photos. Photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9: Couples from Abilis enjoying their Sweetheart Ball at Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom. Photos 2 : Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom owner Christine Georgopulo with Aimee Slade. Photo 7: Christine Georgopulo.

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