February 19, 2017 |

Christine Georgopulo, owner of Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich doesn’t hesitate when asked why she hosts a Valentine’s dance for the Abilis community. “It’s more fun for me than it is for them,” she said as the third annual dance heated up the studio on Lewis Street on Saturday night. “I love their energy. They make my year, every year. The Abilis staff are incredible. Dennis is incredible,” she continued, referring to Abilis CEO Dennis Perry.

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 Photo: Leslie Yager  Photo: Leslie Yager
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Photo: Leslie Yager Photo: Leslie Yager


Georgopulo, whose birthday happens to be Valentine’s Day, has always described dancing as a gift that makes people happy and joyous. In addition to the annual Sweetheart Dance for Abilis, she has also offered a group class at Greenwich Hospital Cancer Center, and her generosity has been noted in town. In 2016, she was one of 11 women to receive a BRAVA award from the YWCA Greenwich.

About a dozen couples attended Saturday’s Sweetheart dance. Many also attended last week’s Valentine’s dance at Eastern Greenwich Civic Center, which Abilis CEO Dennis Perry said drew about 70 people. After a whirl around the dance floor with Susie Figgie, the Abilis Event Coordinator Donna Krausman said the event inspired much anticipation.

“Just because they have special needs, they don’t experience love differently. Many of these couples have been together for many years,” she said. “They have feelings. They have relationships.”