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Dear Friends of Abilis,

As we enter the last few months of the calendar year, we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and experiences and to thank you for your support of Abilis. We’d also like to share three stories that demonstrate how your contribution allows Abilis community members to thrive.

When Jennifer found out she was pregnant, the thought of a premature delivery never crossed her mind. When Cory was delivered at 25 weeks in the fall of 2019, weighing just two pounds, Jennifer and her husband were informed that Cory had suffered not one, but two brain hemorrhages and, for a period of four minutes, had stopped breathing. Cory was transferred to Yale where Jennifer and her husband were told that Cory’s hemorrhages could impact his ability to walk, talk and meet other typical childhood milestones. When Cory was three months old, he was brought back to Stamford where he was introduced to Abilis’ Early Intervention team in January 2020. Jennifer admits that the first visit was scary because she did not know what to expect and feared more bad news, but the support of the Abilis Early Intervention team was life changing. They provided physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for Cory as well as support from a social worker for Jennifer and her family as they began to navigate this new and unexpected journey. Today, Cory is in Pre-K. and is running, jumping, communicating with his family, and getting more comfortable with his classmates. Jennifer considers her Abilis team an extension of her family. “What began with a scary diagnosis turned into an amazing three-year journey. Abilis provided more than services; it was our village. Having a child with special needs can be lonely, but Abilis made it positive.”


Sophia’s journey to success began two years ago when she graduated from Abilis’ Project SEARCH program at Greenwich Hospital. Project SEARCH provides individualized job development for adults with disabilities through real work experience and life skills training all within one workplace. Since her graduation, Sophia has been gainfully employed at the Darien Library Café where she uses her ability to multi-task. Recently, Sophia took another big step, moving into her own apartment. Now living independently, Sophia enjoys going out with friends and has learned how to use public transportation. “Abilis has helped me gain the skills I need to become more successful and get farther in life,” Sophia says. “I don’t know where I would be without Abilis. In life, you must start somewhere and Abilis has provided me with so many opportunities to develop and build my skills.”

In June of 2012, Abilis was contacted by Jerold’s family with the hope of moving him out of a state-run facility where he had lived from an early age. The Abilis team identified that Jerold, then 71, would benefit from living in one of Abilis’ residences and began the transition to move him to his new home. Upon arrival, Jerold was able to identify his likes and dislikes and worked with the Abilis staff to develop a plan to help him transition to the Greenwich community. Soon, Jerold’s new life began to take shape. During his first week in his new home, Jerold attended a Yankees Game and welcome parties with other Abilis community members. Today, Jerold, now 80, is thriving. He loves musical theater, painting, coloring, shopping, going on walks, taking cooking classes, and spending time with friends.“I love my life, my friends, and my freedom,” says Jerold. “Abilis is my family and my forever home.”


As Abilis continues to adapt and expand to meet the needs of those who rely on us throughout their life spans, we take pride in sharing all that community members like Cory, Sophia, and Jerold have achieved. At Abilis, we never underestimate the achievements that make a difference for the more than 800 individuals and their families who make up our community, always remembering that we could not do any of it without you. We are forever grateful for your support.

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!


Amy Montimurro

Mitchell Cohen
Board Chair

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