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In 1951, a group of Greenwich parents came together to advocate for their children with developmental disabilities. Sixty-eight years later, Abilis continues to be a leader in providing quality supports for the special needs community through innovative and state-of-the-art services.

Thank you for your continued support, which illustrates that you understand the dedication of our staff and the complex needs of the families we work with. It is because of people like you that we are able to continue to support the growth and development of the people we serve, at all the different stages of their lives.

Below are some of our recent success stories:

Charlie was referred to Abilis at six months old for delayed motor concerns. Shortly thereafter, she began working with a team from Abilis’ Birth to Three program, both at home and in her day care setting. When Charlie was at day care, her mother worked with the Abilis providers so she could carry out their strategies at home. Over time, Abilis added a speech therapist to Charlie’s team, along with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Regular team meetings between the team and Charlie’s parents were held so everyone had a chance to share their concerns, and the team helped Charlie’s family identify the services she needed to be successful.

Charlie remained with Abilis until her third birthday, when she exited the Birth to Three program, and Abilis was with her family every step of the way. We helped ensure a seamless transition to Charlie’s new school, and we remained a part of her life, providing support and advocacy through the Therapy Center. “Thank you for loving my daughter and other children like her. Thank you for never giving up on Charlie or any of the kids you work with. Thank you for caring for the most vulnerable children.” – Julie Conlon, Charlie’s mother

There is so much happening in the life of a young adult, and for William, who is 25 years old and has Autism, it’s no different. William came to Abilis in March 2017 when he joined the Greenwich LEAP program (Life Skills, Employment, Advocacy, Partnership). As a part of LEAP, William is surrounded by a peer group, and he makes the most of every interaction. William takes part in Senior Shopping, picking up shopping lists from seniors and heading to the local grocery store to get what they need. William finds it so rewarding to help others that he wants to continue to work on his skills so he can eventually work independently as a member of our Competitive Employment Program. Abilis will help William get there! William also loves gardening at the Greenwich Land Trust, a volunteer opportunity made available to him through his employment skills program. William is now able to use those gardening talents at his new Abilis residence. Yes, William’s dream came true when Abilis helped him find a home of his own that he shares with two friends. Now, William can plant flowers in his own yard, invite family and friends over for dinner, host game night and sing karaoke with his house mates. “We are very grateful to the staff of Abilis who have helped William grow in maturity and independence, and who have supported his emotional and physical health as well. William’s well-being and happiness are apparent, and we are thankful to all of those at Abilis who have helped to make this happen.” – William’s parents

Alison is 84 years old, retired and a resident in one of Abilis’ thirty-eight supported residential homes. She has been a part of the Abilis community since 1986 when she made the transition from an institution where she had lived for 39 years. She’s now surrounded by those who adore her. For the past 33 years, Alison has enjoyed working in the community with the help of an Abilis job coach, singing in a choir, exercising regularly at the YMCA and volunteering at a childcare center. She has truly grown to be a part of the community in which she lives. Alison participates in Abilis Senior Services and enjoys weekly activities including going to Broadway shows and spending time with her friends. She also loves going on vacations where she can sit in the sand and watch the waves. Alison is so appreciative for the opportunities she has been given and for the doors that have been opened. Every day she walks into her house and announces, “I am home!”



Abilis is forever changing and growing to meet the needs of those who rely on us for the continuity of care from childhood to their senior years. 2020 will be an important year for us as we take on new initiatives to improve the quality of life for those we serve and continue to add to the depth and breadth of our services. We could not do this without our supporters and are grateful for your contributions, which continue to enhance the lives of our community. Please consider making a donation to our 2019 Annual Appeal.

 We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!


Amy Montimurro

Alonso Martinez
Board Chair

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