Courtney Baskin

Courtney BaskinCourtney Baskin - NoteCourtney Baskin - Art

"I like to paint and draw because it allows me to express myself. If I am bored or if I am down at all I like to paint and draw because it makes me feel better. When I see other people love it, it makes me so happy. I don’t care if anybody buys it I just want them to see it and to see what I feel and to feel better too. Thank you for coming to this show, I hope you enjoy it." ~ Courtney Baskin


Barbara Constandaki

Barbara ConstandakiBarbara Constandaki - NoteBarbara Constandaki - Art

"I like art because it is pretty. I think about my mother because she loved my art. I always kept painting because she loved it so much. When someone says they love my art I feel so great. I feel like talent is special. I see how people dance and move and love a person and that is what I paint. That is how I paint. And I love it." ~ Barbara Constandaki


Susie Figgie

Susie FiggieSusie Figgie - NoteSusie Figgie - Peter Pan

"My nickname when I was a baby was Peter Pan. My Mom’s Grandmother called me that. Peter Pan likes to fly. Tinker Bell uses magic that makes people’s lives better and makes their wishes and dreams come true. Peter Pan helps me and everybody." ~ Susie Figgie


Eunice Frederick

Eunice FrederickEunice Frederick - Note Eunice Frederick - Photo

"I like to take pictures. I like the sky and the trees - the blue skies and the white clouds and I am happy about the sun. When I see the photos I remember what it was like." ~ Eunice Frederick


Kristy Kasmarski

Kristy KasmarskiKristy Kasmarski - NoteKristy Kasmarski - Art

"When I paint and draw it is because I have passion. If I don’t draw every day I get frustrated. The beautiful colors bright up the day. Then there is love and that is it. It is like a magical paradise, like a kingdom in a fairy tale. When people see my art they can see that I am smart and they can see who I really am and I love that". ~ Kristy Kasmarski


Gina Lopriori

Gina LoprioriGina Lopriori - NoteGina Lopriori - Dolphins

"When I see my art I love it when it is finished. For this painting I used dark blue and yellow and purple because I love them I feel happy when I see the colors together and it is great artwork. This is three dolphins, they are a family. My family might come to the art show and they have never seen my art but I am so excited because they will be so surprised and I will be so happy. I can’t wait to see the planner and the art show because I am so excited". ~ Gina Lapriori


Ross Perry

Ross PerryRoss Perry - Note Ross Perry - Sun

Ross Perry has a strong sense of color and movement. He works with multiple mediums but gravitates primarily toward pastels. Ross is a natural born talent, he loves to sing and his beautiful voice often fills the halls of Abilis inspiring all of the artists all of the time.


David Talbert

David TalbertDavid Talbert - Note David Talbert - Autumn

"I just like to be artistic.” ~ David Talbert