POSITION: Job Coach (full time/non-exempt status)

PROGRAM ASSIGNMENT: Employment Services (Competitive Employment, Delivery,
Cleaning, Greenhouse, Property Maintenance, Enclave Services, Community Workforce,


SCHEDULED WORK TIMES: Monday through Friday (8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.)

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Assigned Employment Manager

SUPERVISES: Assigned Employees

CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH: Employees, customers, Employment Managers, Employment Trainer, Job Coaches, Employment Specialist, Resident Counselors, Program Managers, consultants.


Education: High School Diploma

Experience: 1 year successful work experience with people with disabilities desired.

Special Qualifications: Depending upon the specific career area developed by the Employment Service program, additional qualifications relating to that career area may be necessary.


• Ability to be understood by agency participants.
• A valid drivers license that allows a person to be insured as designated by our vehicle insurance carrier.
• Ability to operate agency vehicles in a safe manner as authorized by the agency’s driver certification program.
• Ability to lift 50 lbs.
• Ability to summon emergency personnel off the agency’s emergency call list.
• Ability to become and maintain necessary CPR certification.
• Ability to follow through with and update, in a timely fashion, all other necessary trainings as outlined by agency, state, and federal guidelines.
• Be physically able to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.
• Ability to provide eyes on supervision of Abilis participants.
• Be able to use all equipment and adaptive equipment safely and effectively.
• Ability to implement program goals and deal with participants behavioral issues.
• Be able to physically access program locations.



The Job Coach is the direct provider of services and has the responsibility to implement a planned training program for assigned employees. As a member of the Interdisciplinary Team, the Job Coach helps to formulate individual program plans that meet the individual needs of employees. Working within defined units, the Job Coach assures adequate work opportunities, and follows established policies and procedures while maintaining documentation of services and a safe and professional work environment for all employees of the Employment Service Program.

Note: Other negotiated duties may be added to this job description for specific career areas.

A. KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Development and implementation of employee
training (work) programs.
Specific Duties:

• To participate as a member of the ID Team in the development of an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for each assigned employee.

• To implement a planned coordinated program suited to meet the needs of the assigned employees in accordance with the need areas identified in the participants specific Individual Program Plans.

• To document implementation and progress toward completion of programs

• Data progress sheets or site reports
• Quarterly, Semi, and Annual Employment summaries
• Annual Employment Assessments

• To suggest modifications of teaching strategy/goal to Case Manager.

• The Job Coach will maintain program goals for the assigned employees.

• To implement written behavior management plans for assigned employees as necessary.

• To provide feedback to Behavioral Supports Manager and Case Manager.

• To maintain and summarize data sheets associated with behavior plans.

• To train employees in personal hygiene routines and to provide assistance as necessary.

B. KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Maintenance of work.

Specific Duties:

• To teach employees the skills necessary to complete the assigned job as independently as possible.

• To teach employees business professionalism at the job site.

• To plan, prepare, distribute and process work to assigned employees according to job specifications.

• To complete quality control checks of assigned work. Work is to be thoroughly checked by the Job Coach to meet customer’s expectations.

• To monitor and/or provide adequate documentation of work completed by assigned employees.

• To participate in periodic wage determination studies (as requested).

• To assist employees in recognizing and carrying out normal routines as an employee, such as submitting completed vacation requests; recognizing illness and going home sick; interacting appropriately with peers, supervisors, customers and the public; following safety procedures on the job; using community services for break and lunch.

C. KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Maintenance of a safe and productive work
environment including van care and safety.
Specific Duties:

• To provide for supervision (as planned) to the participants of the Employment Service Program, as outlined in their individual program plans.

• To maintain a safe, healthy work environment according to OSHA regulations and Abilis policies.

• To provide and maintain job site security is the responsibility of the coach assigned to that area. The Job Coach will be responsible for locking supplies, turning off all lights and locking all doors.

• To provide transportation to assigned employees, as requested. The daily use of vans is necessary to the delivery of services to the Employment Services Units. Regular care of the vehicles is extremely important. The Job Coach should be very careful to use the outlined re-fueling procedures every time gas is purchased. Mechanical problems and/or body damage should be noted in the log book and reported to your immediate supervisor.

• To adhere to all traffic and road safety procedures per Abilis van Safety Policy and Procedures.

• To maintain and keep van(s) in a neat and orderly condition is also the responsibility of the Job Coach assigned to drive a van on any given day.

D. KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Participation in the development of the Employment
Specific Duties:

• To participate in staff meetings and designated professional in-service training.

• To participate on agency and outside agency committees as assigned by the Program Director.


E. KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Customer and Public relationships.

Specific Duties:

• To build and maintain positive customer relations when required.

• To provide support and education to others at the job site and facilitate communication between them and assigned employees.

• As requested, to provide support to other Job Coaches at the job sites and communicate necessary information to them and their assigned employees

• To positively represent Abilis to the community and advocate for all employees. Coaches will communicate information to customers and team members in a professional manner.

• Coaches must refer all customers, public, residential, and family members matters to the appropriate supervisory staff.


Specific Duties:

• To have knowledge of special diets, medications, behavior plans and seizure disorders that may relate to a particular program participant.

• To encourage employees, who are on diets, to choose low fat, low calorie food items.

• To be aware of the purpose, side effects and allergic reactions to any medications that are to be administered.

• To be familiar with individual behavior plans. Coaches should implement interventions as described in the behavior plan.

• To be familiar with seizure intervention techniques. Seizure reports should be completed after each persons seizure. Some employees may require medication or medical attention after a seizure.

During your orientation period, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification on your position responsibilities. Please be sure to take full advantage of these sessions.

This job description is not intended to be all inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonably related duties as assigned by the division director/program director/human resources director.

The agency reserves the right to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as the need arises. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.